A look into the inspiration behind the work.

Daffodils Signs of Spring

10"x8" Oil

These beautiful daffodils made it through the snowy weekend of the first of spring. I am so thankful to see them in bloom after the long, snowy winter. My cabin fever has finally broken and I look forward to more flowers in the garden and on the roadside yet to be discovered and painted. Daffodils are not my usual flower to paint, I typically prefer the wildflowers of Kansas, but I loved doing this piece. The weather isn't ideal to paint outside,yet... so I photographed these and painted in my studio, I just couldn't bring myself to cut any of them. The three dimensional quality of the bloom provided a much need challenge for this weekend's painting fun. I continue to experiment with oils and I am finding that with experience comes confidence, isn't that the way it is with everything. One of these days, soon, I'll be ready for some plein aire pieces straight out of the Flint Hills.

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Wine Bottle Lamp with Corks and a Scarf

10"x8" oil on canvas

Here is my newest painting another cabin fever inspired still life. These items were just hanging out around the house, just begging to be painted. I am still getting used to using oils and haven't quite found my comfort zone yet. I am less intimidated by the medium and am willing to reach out and explore a bit more. I hope to be out capturing fresh new Kansas Wildflowers soon!

Today is the first day of Spring and I can't wait until spring has finally sprung for real.  This weekend we had over 6 inches of snow to blanket the green promises that were just barely spoken of last week. It looks as if the snow is going to clear quickly as there are a few patches of green already breaking through the new blanket.

One evening last week, when our highs hit the low 70's, I spent some time on our deck picking up the various debris acquired over the long winter, inspecting and rearranging the outdoor furniture in anticipation of a new season. I also made a pass around the house looking for the various flowers and discovered some new sprouts of the purple cone flowers, daffodils and tulips preparing for the glorious season. Also, I rummaged around the back shed, inspected my electric scooter and made sure it was plugged in and ready for it's maiden journey of wildflower discovery for the year, just to have my hopes for this weekend dashed. Such is life, maybe next weekend, at least everything is ready to go.

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Orange and Grapes

Orange and Grapes 8"x10"

Not my usual subject matter but it was snowy and I had cabin fever! I also had a strong desire to paint and these were just sitting in the fridge begging to be painted. It was a lot of fun treking down an unexplored path. The last few months have been full of distractions and it was so refreshing to do something completely different.

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