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Stroke of Genius Game at the Aaron Douglas Art Fair

If you are in Topeka, Kansas this weekend, I'll be at the Aaron Douglas Art Fair where we will be showcasing the new Stroke of Genius Game application. You'll have a chance to see it in action and try it for yourself. Also the hard copy of the game will be there for you to check out as well. The fair is at 12th and Lane at the Art Park. Happening September 24th, 2011 from 10 a.m to 5 p.m. the Art Fair showcases diverse and emerging artists from Topeka and the surrounding region. The day long fair also features entertainment, food and children's activities.

 Also Featured Artist The Craftivists are a local Topeka group of friends who stand together at the intersection of art and activism. For Nikki MacMillan, Sara O'Keeffe, Laura Burton, Michelle McCormick, and Julie Velez, their mission is simple: to rock the world into an understanding about important social and worldly causes through art culture. It ought to be a grand time! 

About Stroke of Genius: a creative game that challenges you to take a single drawn Stroke and transform it into an imaginative picture that reflects the Spark Word, please the Juror and collect the Spark Word cards to win the game.

The new electronic Android Phone version that allows you to share your creation on Facebook will be showcased along with the hard copy play at home version. You can see some home videos of game play and various comments about the game at facebook/strokeofgeniusgame (it's a facebook page, so why not become a fan while you are there too!) 

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Take Kansas Home dot com!

Take Kansas Home.com
Echinacea Tile Set

Take Kansas Home!

TakeKansasHome.com was created through a public-private partnership between the Kansas Department of Commerce Travel and Tourism Division and Free Bird Business Solutions.  The goal of this venture is to feature Kansas culture as it is represented in the fine artisan goods produced in our state. Kansas artists offer a host of wonderful handcrafted items, from specialty foods, to artwork, crafts and glassware.

You can find specially selected 8x10 prints, ceramic art tile sets, wine charm sets, note card sets and my Stroke of Genius Game.

http://www.TakeKansasHome.com Go check it out! Find out more about the site, and
do a search for my name!

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Stroke of Genius Card Game

Stroke of Genious Card Game!


When my husband and I were first married we created a game together to pass the time. One of us would put a spontaneous line on a piece of paper and the other would create a new image from that first line. Stroke of Genius is a game that was sparked from this fun pastime. It allows for more players with an eye on the realities of the competitive art world.

Stroke of Genius is a creative, wacky drawing card game that offers on the spot fun for three or more players. It takes minutes to learn to play and a lifetime to perfect. Each spontaneous stroke challenges you, sparks the imagination and offers limitless possibilities and healthy self expression. Your fellow Artist provides that first stroke and the Juror a word of thought provoking direction. Your task is to quickly finish the picture, in any way you want. Keep in mind, you must please the ever subjective Juror to earn enough Spark Cards to declare yourself the Art Genius and win!

What’s in the Box?*

·         Stroke of Genius Spark Word Cards – 96 cards each featuring 6 Spark Words, 6 cards are blank so you can fill in your own favorite Spark Words.

·         A 6-sided die

·         ½” of drawing sheets

·         8 crayons (you will need to rummage around in your own art box if you have more than six players)

·         Quick play rules


* colors and items are subject to change but this list is typically what is in the box.

This game is the result of the creative work of Michelle Leivan. She has conceived, designed, illustrated, published and hand assembled the game and packaging. She also reserves the creative copyright for this

Please contact Michelle for any questions or comments.


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