Art booth from the front.
Art booth from the front.

In the last couple of weeks I was asked to be the Art Director of the Aaron Douglas Art Fair. It's a wonderful community event here in Topeka. In the last couple of days it has come to my attention that many artists do not have a booth and some are intimidated to make one.

I designed my booth years ago and it has served me well. If you have simple construction skills, such as being able build and stretch a canvas, you can build a booth. I have made a PDF that explains my design which is compact and easy to construct from common materials at the lumber yard. 

My booth design is a simple Plastic Lattice Design the final size of the lattice work is a 3 sided 8 x 8 lattice frame. With basic construction skills you should be able to create it in an afternoon. Some advantages of this design are: the lattice work allows for breeze to flow through on hot summer days. When used with the 10x10 gazebo (typical space allowed at art fairs) your artwork is inside enough that if you have a light rain it will be somewhat protected.

If you are interested in building this style of booth here is the PDF link.Simple Art Booth Design. This is the exact design I used to build my own art booth so I know it works and is sturdy enough to hold medium to light weight artwork. It has lasted years even though I store it outside exposed to the weather. I accept no liability on construction or design. You build at your own risk.

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